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The word connection brings to mind being connected with others. I think of a circle of friends, or group of people who have similar interests.

In our walk with God, it is those we meet together with for fellowship. We may have a similar interest within the fellowship such as men’s group, youth group, prayer meeting, bible study. It could be a Christian singles group, homeless ministry, prison ministry or such.

Outside of our Christian friends, connecting with others can be a million different interests and activities where people connect with similar interests.

Connecting with others in our daily walk is one of the best ways of showing the love of Christ to those with whom we share our lives. The trouble with connecting through similar interests comes down to what happens when those interests change?

If our connecting with others only relies on our interests, we truly don’t connect. We only have similar interests but not a lasting connection. Over time, interests change, people move on, and our groups of connections seem to constantly change.

For my wife and me, we feel that true connection can only happen when it is grounded on Christ. He is the only connection that is constant and does not change. When our interests in things change, he is still there, loving us and loving others.

In Christ, our connections can be true, sincere and lasting, all because we have a common lifestyle of following Christ and loving our father.

Earthly connections come and go as our interests change. Spiritual connections in Christ can truly be lasting connections. Build your connections on the love of God and walking with Christ each day. Then when the earthly connections change, we will still have the common connection through Christ with our brothers and sisters.


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